ATROPINE Sulfate Aguettant 0.1 mg/ml Solution for Injection in Pre-Filled Syringe

Therapeutic area: Emergency care

Product information on this page is intended for Irish healthcare professionals only


  • As a pre-anaesthetic medication to prevent vagal reactions associated with tracheal intubation and surgical manipulation,
  • To limit the muscarinic effects of neostigmine, when given postsurgically to counteract non-depolarising muscle relaxants
  • Treatment of haemodynamically compromising bradycardia and/ or atrioventricular block due to excessive vagal tone in emergency situation
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation: to treat symptomatic bradycardia and AV block
  • As antidote following overdosage or poisoning with acetylcholinesteraseinhibitors e.g. anticholinesterases, organophosphorus, carbamates and muscarinic mushrooms

The Aguettant pre-filled syringe is latex free, preservative (sulfite) free and made from polypropylene making it lightweight and resistant. It is ready-to-administer and fully luer lock compatible.  The pre-filled syringe is also needle free and remains sterile in its unopened blister.