Our policies


Committed to the delivery of high quality and effective products to our customers. Care for patients is at the heart of our objectives and drives our sense of responsibility

This is conveyed through the energy and rigorous standards with which Laboratoire AGUETTANT designs, manufactures and distributes products:

AGUETTANT Ltd’s quality assurance statement is based on Good Distribution Practice (GDP) principles and standards and sets out a framework for our Quality Management System.


Protection of the environment in which we live and operate is part of AGUETTANT’s values and principles and we consider it to be sound business practice. Care for the environment is one of our key responsibilities and an important part of the way in which we do business.

The Company will:

Comply with all relevant environmental legislation.

Minimise waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.

Actively promote recycling both internally and amongst its customers and suppliers.

Laboratoire AGUETTANT - Imagining sustainable products

Our technical teams work in various ways to develop sustainable processes, from the drawing board to a product’s end of life (ecodesign).

Internal skills are developed through training and attending specialist trade fairs and conferences, so that environmental considerations are integrated at each stage of the product life cycle.

As an example, respecting the environment is a key consideration when making decisions about packaging. All outer packaging and boxes are made from recyclable cardboard/paper.

Reuse, recycle, and reduce waste

We salvage plastic parts that are not used during the manufacturing process and incorporate them into the finished product. For example, 20% of the plastic used to manufacture our plastic bottles comes from this salvaged plastic.

Less energy intensive production

At our production unit in Lyon we use energy from the city’s household waste incinerator, in the form of water vapour. This energy is used as industrial primary steam and represents 44% of the energy consumed by our company.

41% of the waste we produce is reused, recycled or incinerated so that we can recover the energy.

Switching from propane gas to natural gas at our Champagne production site in 2009 has also enabled us to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by 6%.


Laboratoire AGUETTANT and its UK affiliate, AGUETTANT Ltd, have always striven to act as a responsible company showing consideration for society, respecting the interest of all our customers, suppliers and wider community. We look actively for opportunities to improve the environment and to contribute to the wellbeing of others. Our CSR policy sets out principles that we follow to develop areas where we have significant impact or influence.

Shared Responsibility

Social and Environmental responsibility involves everyone. Our aim is to develop and maintain environmental policies which fit in with all everyday activities and responsibilities.

Honesty and accountability

We will continue to communicate our policies openly and honestly to our customers, suppliers and distributors. We will ensure that the information is clear, fair and not misleading. We will encourage them to communicate with us and will seek their views. Our employees are counted on to progress the company’s performance by meeting their commitments/objectives and keeping their promises.

Humanitarian work and Sponsorship

AGUETTANT offered support to the population of Haiti during the 2010 earthquake, sending almost 80,000 products in January 2010. Such support was also provided during the cholera epidemic which struck the same country in 2011.

On a local level AGUETTANT Ltd sponsors its staff members who take part in events to raise money for charity.